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UK invests 8 million to promote e-Bike

UK invests 8 million to promote e-Bike

UK local government invests £8m to promote electric mobility

Greater Manchester, UK recently launched an electric bike program called “cycling made e-asy”, funded by the Ministry of Transport for 8 million pounds, operated by Cycling UK and partners, and will soon be in Leicester, Lu London, Hull and Sheffield.

Through the program, the government will provide people with free three-month trial rides, as well as discounted purchases of e-bike loans, free maintenance, and community cycling activities classes.

The purpose of this plan is to make it easier for beginners to use electric bicycles to ride, lower the entry threshold for cycling, help more people to truly change their travel habits, and replace cars with electric bicycles, which will not only allow more people to try New modes of travel and movement will also contribute to the planet.

Raleigh Introduces 2022 Centros Electric Bikes

On May 10, the British century-old bicycle brand Raleigh released the 2022 Centros electric bicycle. The biggest change of the new Centros is that the battery size is increased from 500Wh to 625Wh, and the wheel diameter is changed from 700C to 650B.

The bike is powered by a Bosch Performance Line mid-mounted motor, has a Bosch Powertube battery integrated into the frame, and has a Purion display. The Altus 9-speed rear derailleur is priced at £2,999, and the 8-speed in the Nexus is priced at £3,099.

Electric cargo bikes to be employed in UK hospitals, universities

The Joint Authority for the West of England has announced an investment of £920,000 to promote the application of e-cargo bikes, which are expected to be implemented between June 2022 and June 2023. The Bristol and Bath region of the UK will use electric assisted cargo bikes instead of traditional vans for transport.

It is reported that hospitals and universities in the region will use electric-assisted cargo bikes to transport medical supplies as well as computers, printers and other items. This will ease traffic congestion and reduce emissions. Electric cargo bikes are not only greener than vans, they are also faster. Because electric cargo bikes are more flexible, they can traverse trails and are easier to park.

The popularity of electric-assist cargo bikes will make diesel vans a thing of the past, a change expected to reduce carbon emissions by 10 tons per year.

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