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Equipped with 750Wh Bosch motor, UNNO ​​released the first electric mountain bike BOOS

Equipped with 750Wh Bosch motor, UNNO ​​released the first electric mountain bike BOOS

Spanish bicycle brand UNNO ​​has released its first electric mountain bike, the BOÖS.

UNNO BOÖS | Bosch Smart System/750 Wh | 170/160 mm (f/r) 22.7 kg (size S2) | EUR 9995

The BOÖS carbon fiber electric mountain bike is equipped with a 750Wh battery, equipped with a Bosch CX Gen 4 mid-mounted motor system, with 170/160mm suspension travel, and the complete bike is priced at 9995 euros.

This eMTB features a VPP linkage design, which is completely new for Unno. The built-in Fox X2 shock goes straight into the riser, which distributes the weight near the bottom bracket and lowers the center of gravity. Unno officially recommends that the suspension preload value (SAG) be run at 30% to 40%, which is a little more than the general (20%-30%) official recommendation.

What’s interesting about UNNO ​​BOÖS’ geometric design is that it’s quite progressive in some ways, but a little conservative in others. Across the S1-S3 frame sizes, the chainstay length is consistent at 450mm and the seatpost angle is 77°, while three sizes will be available according to Reach: S1 (435mm), S2 (470mm) and S3 (510mm).

Officially, BOÖS is a fast, fun and easy-to-operate eMTB. The test team has been working in this direction to provide the perfect balance between stability and agility, making the bike fun and easy to ride a top priority.

Unno bikes have always been known for being ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frames, and the unique, sharp, and groundbreaking exterior design makes them stand out. Unno Boös is no exception, with the S2 weighing in at 22.6kg.

The frame contains 184 grams of Oceanworks nylon, a recycled plastic made from 80% ocean debris.

The frame features dual-row bearings with EnduroMAX technology for increased frame stiffness.

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