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Out-of-the-box Skarper launches modular disc electric drive system

Out-of-the-box Skarper launches modular disc electric drive system

Recently, Skarper introduced a new disc electric assist drive system, which can provide power by driving the rear disc. This means a bike can turn into an E-Bike in seconds and back again.

The Skarper electric assist system can only be installed on disc braked vehicles and uses proprietary discs. The reason is that the structure uses discs to power the vehicle. The outer ring of the disc is still an ordinary disc, but the inner ring is replaced with the original rotor. It is guessed that the rotor structure drives the wheel to rotate through the axle.

Skarper’s entire component weighs 3kg, provides 60 kilometers of battery life, and can be charged in 2.5 hours, but the motor is only 250w.

Using the Skarper electric assist system can transform any bike into an E-Bike without any modifications to the frame or wheels, and without compromising performance. The company has also added a smart program to the motor, which it calls Dynamic Climb, which uses wireless sensing and special algorithms to monitor rider output as well as road grade, providing a stable efficiency output while climbing, making it easy for the rider to climb.

Skarper is now taking orders for delivery in 2023, with final prices expected to be around £1,000.

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