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E-bike insurance claims up 815% in five years

E-bike insurance claims up 815% in five years

Sales of e-bikes in the UK have grown significantly over the past few years, and so have associated thefts. According to a report by Aviva, the fifth largest insurance group in the world, insurance claims in 2021 will increase by 37% compared to 2020, contributing to an increase of up to 815% over the past five years.

A typical claim for an e-bike in 2016 was less than £1,500, but it is now around £2,000.

The head of claims at Aviva said buying an e-bike could cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so people should seriously consider insuring their car.

Home contents insurance generally covers bicycles and e-bikes in the home, but there may be special restrictions on stolen or damaged belongings. More expensive models may need to be listed separately on insurance.

In the Netherlands, where the e-bike market is more mature, while overall bike theft is down, e-bike theft is soaring.

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